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Sputnik Faith and Arts Jessica Wood


Jessica Wood is a poet born and raised in Sheffield but now based in Birmingham. She writes about themes from the political to personal drawing on her perspectives as a mixed-race woman living in the UK.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Anna O’Brien


Anna O’Brien of Face to Face Storytellers is a professional Storyteller and works in educational and community settings delivering dynamic performances and workshops both for adults and children. She is fascinated by the power of stories for transformational change.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Wumi Donald


Wumi Donald is a Birmingham-based maker and seamstress, who hand-makes clothes, cushions, and all kinds of custom projects. Her latest project is her black and mixed-race ‘Ayo’ dolls.

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— Wed 02 Oct, 2019

Interview with Matt Tuckey, Newcastle based Sound Designer

Sputnik Patrons is proud to be supporting Matt Tuckey's new project

— Wed 25 Sep, 2019

Sputnik Patrons Scheme is supporting Mike Lawetto’s new album

Catching up with Sputnik favourite Mike Lawetto and his latest projects

— Tue 25 Jun, 2019

Sputnik Anthology Volume 2

Our brand new Sputnik Anthology is out - become a Patron today to get a copy!

— Thu 30 May, 2019

‘This is the way, walk in it’ conversations from the Edinburgh Hub

Animator Grant Holden shared his journey from school days to a full-time animation career.

— Wed 22 May, 2019

Enter the Chaiya Art Awards 2019/2020

With a top prize of £10k and an audience of thousands, Chaiya is the UK's biggest art award to be exploring spirituality through the visual arts.

— Wed 15 May, 2019

“The master’s sword dances through the air..” – ‘The Legend of One’ by Pythagoras the Praying Mantis

The latest release by Birmingham rap veteran Pythagoras the Praying Mantis is the work of a master, steeped in hip-hop history and effortless in its delivery.

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