Arts for profit is bad for everyone.

Putting money and markets at the heart of our society hollows out our common life, and pressures artists to make what sells, not what’s good for us.

Now more than ever, artists are struggling; and the way of making a living – for whole industries – is disappearing. We want to offer artists a way to work differently.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Sputnik Patrons

Loving the Arts for the common good

A healthy arts culture is a common good, allowing the emotional and spiritual life of a community to flourish. It’s part of how we connect, but it’s also part of how we dream, and aspire, together. Radical imagination, and artistic expression, is central to the work of envisioning, and enacting, a more just society.

For those reasons we want to see the church caring for its local community by enabling the arts, from the amateur to the professional, and investing in individuals within it.

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How does Sputnik Patrons work?

Our Patrons create a central fund for assisting arts projects.

Whether you give £5 a month or a generous one-off donation, it all goes towards funding the work of ambitious artists in our network.

Our board takes funding applications from artists.

We are mindful of the systemic barriers that prevent people from being able to create freely, and aim to choose those projects where we can give the greatest help.

We allocate funds, (almost) no strings attached.

We fund in relationship with church communities – we don’t steer projects, but trust in artists’ vision and integrity.

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Let’s reimagine how the creative industries could work: join our team of Patrons, support artists directly, and become part of rebuilding our culture for our common good.

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