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We'd like to bring Christians back to the forefront of funding soul-searching, wide-reaching art.

Artists need patronage. Christians used to be at the forefront of funding artists in this way. They’re not any more – and we’d like to change that.

We run a fund to help Christian artists get their projects off the ground: from art installations to book publishing, theatre events to music releases. Some projects we simply fund directly, others we offer help in the form of design, marketing, promotion, print/film/music production, and more.

In return for their support, our patrons get a bi-annual anthology of work: poetry, fiction, photography, painting, music and more. All by boundary-pushing Christian artists making work for universal audiences.

Sputnik Patrons Faith Art Anthology Namiko Chan Takahashi
Namiko Chan Takahashi’s ‘Beyond Belief’, featured in Sputnik Poetry & Visuals Vol 1.


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If you're a church leader or think your church would like to support Sputnik, we also run a Church giving scheme - you can sign up below. If you would like more information about this, please email jonny@sputnikmagazine.co.uk

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Artist Applications

We can support projects in a number of ways, from simple start-up funding, to marketing, design, print management, music/video production, and more. Get in touch if you have a project that needs support.