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A note on Covid-19

For the past two years, Sputnik has been funding work by faith-driven artists across the UK. To do this, we rely on an amazingly generous team of Patrons, who make monthly donations that go directly towards these projects.

Since Covid-19 hit, we’ve rerouted these donations into an Emergency Artists Fund to give no-strings gifts to artists whose livelihoods have been hit by the changing landscape. Sign up as a Patron today to help.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Sputnik Patrons

Why arts patronage?

We fund projects and exhibitions to help artists escape the pressures of the profit motive, freeing them to create art that enriches us all.

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Sputnik Faith and Arts Sputnik Patrons

Where does the money go?

Currently all Patrons donations go directly to artists, through project funding or (since Covid-19) our Emergency Artists Fund.

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