Supporting artists through the Coronavirus crisis

We're offering grants to artists who are struggling with financial difficulties in the current pandemic.

Artists, freelancers and zero-hours workers in the creative industries have been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many artists are self-employed, and work in industries that have shut down completely in this crisis. For many, their sources of income have disappeared almost overnight. Those who work in theatre, music, dance; those who rely on income from exhibitions that have been shut down; those who have side-gigs in teaching or the service industry that have similarly dried up.

On top of all of the other challenges that we’re all getting used to, many artists are dealing with huge financial uncertainty, with no clear way forward as yet, and no guarantee of sick pay, or recompense for cancellations and so on.

There is always a level of uncertainty in the creative arts, and that’s why we have been funding artistic projects over the last 2 years, as part of our vision to support creative professionals within the UK church.

In the circumstances, we’ve decided to re-route the funds we’d allocated to artist grants for this coming term into helping the immediate needs of artists who are caught in this situation and reimagining their lives. We’ve been inspired in part by the efforts of other West Midlands organisations and  our friends in Morphe Arts .

We recognise that we don’t have huge resources and we can’t give as much as we’d like, but we want to help, and also to gather anyone else with a similar sense of concern for the wellbeing of artists, looking to love and support the church in this time.

Our goal is to raise £4,000 that we can then distribute to artists in need across the Sputnik network. We would be looking to typically distribute these funds in small gifts of £200 each, although each case will be considered individually.

We believe this a time for the church to come together and distribute what we have amongst those who need it. If your salary is unaffected or you could spare some money – and if you find yourself watching more Netflix and feeling grateful to the artists who make it! – please consider donating to our fund.

Apply for Help

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, simply email and give us the details below. Our intention is to not make this difficult for you at all, but it will help us if we can understand a little of your situation and how you are connected to Sputnik.

What is your name?

Where do you live?

Can you give a brief description of your practice (with online links to work if possible)?

Can you write a short paragraph, explaining why you need financial assistance?

Which Sputnik hub are you connected to? (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Falmouth, London)

If none of these, could you tell us how you’re connected to the network?

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