Start a Hub

Would you like to start a Sputnik hub in your area?

Do you love artists? Do you want to see more Christians thriving in the arts? Would you like more powerful artworks to be created by followers of Jesus? Do you personally want to connect with more Christian artists in your local area?

Sputnik runs a number of Sputnik Hubs: groups of local artists who can serve, support, love and encourage each other and open that invitation to other Christians in their community. And you could start one!

Sputnik Faith and Arts Start a Hub

"It was rare, precious and a significantly more transcendent glimpse of the age to come than I was ready to expect."

Luke Sewell

What is a Sputnik Hub?

For over 5 years, Sputnik has hosted local groups of Christian artists in different places around the UK. These groups are based around termly gatherings (3 a year), where artists share and talk about their work and featured artists inspire and encourage reflection on the intersection between faith and art.

If you are a church leader or an artist who’d be interested in talking more about this, email the Sputnik office.

Three things are needed to start a Sputnik Hub:

  • A Supporter Church: A church who will facilitate the three annual meet-ups, and liaise with Sputnik HQ to oversee the Hub leaders.
  • A Hub Champion: Someone who will host the meetings, spread the word and welcome in new artists.
  • Artists who this would serve: This doesn’t need to be hundreds. It could start with as few as 5.