Our Funding Criteria

We aim to fund:

  • Artists who are Christians (our priority will be on those actively involved in our network, although that does not mean we won’t fund others)
  • Artists who have a track record of self-initiated projects, and who have already shown willingness to put their own time and money into their work.
  • Artwork that has the potential to engage powerfully with a universal audience (not just Christians)
  • Artwork that is not only likely to engage with people who are already thinking about becoming a Christian (ie overtly evangelistic work)
  • Artistic projects in which Christians or churches generously serve local arts communities.

And finally…

In all that we do, Sputnik works with artists and we work with churches. Therefore, we aim for our grants to help artists, but also to bring their churches in on the exciting things they’re doing. This is why we ask for a church leaders’ contact details, as we’d ideally want to talk to them about your project, explain to them why we think it’s important and encourage them to support it in any way they can too.

There are different ways that we could support your project:

We offer grants, ranging from £50 to £1000, but also offer help for a specific area of your project – eg., graphic design assistance, help building or developing your website/branding, help recording your music professionally, etc.



What's in it for Sputnik?

Well, in a sense nothing. We genuinely want to serve artists, and we gather funds for that specific purpose. However, so that we can continue to do that effectively, we ask for two things:

  • Documentation of your project (photos, video footage, downloadable recordings, etc)
  • Permission to share some of this documentation with our patrons and for general Sputnik promotion.

But we’re flexible!

In all of these things, we’d want to chat through the details in specific cases, and everything is flexible, so whether you think you meet all the requirements of not, why not start the process by filling in the form? Then we’ll get in touch to have a chat.

We look forward to hearing what you’re up to and how we might be able to help – head over to our application page to submit your proposal.