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Take a deeper dive into the realms of faith and art, how they overlap and interact, how we can care for culture, and much more besides.
  • Sputnik Faith and Arts PATRONAGE
    Issue #4
    Why should Christians give to the arts? Unfortunately, it's become an overlooked and under-appreciated corner of our society's common life.
  • Sputnik Faith and Arts PRAXIS MAKES PERFECT
    Issue #3
    How exactly do we understand the overlap of faith and art? We rounded up our favourite articles that explore this space and make up the Sputnik theology.
  • Sputnik Faith and Arts UNSEEN
    Issue #2
    As artists, we're often as preoccupied with what's going on below the surface as the work itself. The process, the history, the limitations: we lift the lid on the unknown factors of art.
  • Sputnik Faith and Arts PROTEST
    Issue #1
    We've rounded up our favourite posts on the topic of protest: as an artform, as a form of faith, and as an ethical question in itself.