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There are fantastic, talented and Christ-following artists all around the UK, both in and outside our network. Discover a few of them here.

Artists from the network

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Sputnik Faith and Arts Jessica Wood


Jessica Wood is a poet born and raised in Sheffield but now based in Birmingham. She writes about themes from the political to personal drawing on her perspectives as a mixed-race woman living in the UK.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Anna O’Brien


Anna O’Brien of Face to Face Storytellers is a professional Storyteller and works in educational and community settings delivering dynamic performances and workshops both for adults and children. She is fascinated by the power of stories for transformational change.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Wumi Donald


Wumi Donald is a Birmingham-based maker and seamstress, who hand-makes clothes, cushions, and all kinds of custom projects. Her latest project is her black and mixed-race ‘Ayo’ dolls.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Alex Fergusson


Alex is a Birmingham-based pianist, composer, producer and arranger whose work covers a breadth of genres. Current projects include the nine-piece pop-fusion band Argle Bargle and producing music for singer-songwriter Laura Goldthorp.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Joel Wilson


Joel is a film director and writer in Birmingham. He’s written, directed and produced many short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. His medieval rap drama ‘The Quickener’ has been screened at festivals in the UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

Sputnik Faith and Arts Grant Holden


Grant Holden is a Scottish filmmaker specialising in stop-motion animation. His work tends to focus on character-driven storytelling set within mundane scenarios. His work has been shown locally in Edinburgh, publicised nationally on BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review Show’, and screened internationally at several animation festivals.

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