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Luke Sewell

Luke Sewell is a one-time archaeologist interested in vegetables, history, photography and decolonising everything.


— Wed 27 Nov, 2019

St. Peter’s Seminary: a Memorial to Lost Futures

Witnessing a dramatic ruin like St Peter's Seminary, Dunbarton, helps us to be mindful of the many 'lost futures' of history, that we haven't had chance to mourn.

— Tue 24 Apr, 2018

Conflict, Compassion and Comedy at the Chaiya Art Awards Exhibition

Some thoughts from the inaugural Chaiya Arts Award exhibition, in London

— Fri 25 Nov, 2016

How To Respond Creatively To A Year As Unsettling As 2016?

Let the past give context to our current-day despair

— Tue 06 Sep, 2016

Re-presenting our Communities

How to depict a community with fairness and accuracy?

— Fri 06 May, 2016

The Responsibility to Dissent

Dissent is more popular than ever, and the church needs to lead it

— Fri 29 Apr, 2016

Part 2: Me Against ‘The World’

Civil disobedience and dissent are not necessarily the same thing

— Tue 26 Apr, 2016

Part 1: A Response to ‘Artist & Empire’

Why it's important for Christian artists to express dissent in art