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Ian J

Ian is unmarried, childless and doesn’t own any pets, therefore he struggles to make himself instantly relatable. He lives in Sheffield under duress. By day, he works in the NHS. At night-time, you can find him asleep in his room.

— Tue 15 Aug, 2017

The Art Of Not Knowing: Embracing Discomfort and Nuance in our Work

How do artists respond to the pressure for certainty over mystery and nuance?

— Tue 18 Jul, 2017

Broadcast From The Clubhouse

Supporting the Christian 'in crowd'

— Fri 28 Apr, 2017

When Bad Things Happen To Bad People (And We Enjoy Watching)

The reliable myth of redemptive violence

— Fri 02 Dec, 2016

Effective Escapism

The value of escapism in helping us suspend disbelief

— Fri 29 Jul, 2016

Mental Illness For Fun And Profit

The misuse of mental instability as a film marketing tool

— Fri 10 Jun, 2016

But machines can’t really make art, can they?

We like to think that creativity is beyond the reaches of artificial intelligence

— Tue 07 Jun, 2016

Nothing New Under The Sun

A digital library containing everything yet to be written

— Wed 17 Feb, 2016

Can Video Games Be Art? Pt 2

Four more games that give weight to the argument

— Wed 17 Feb, 2016

Are Video Games Art? Pt 1

Some games create a uniquely provocative experience that no other medium provides