Sputnik Faith and Arts Huw Evans

Huw Evans

A writer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, writing fiction, poetry and script (for theatre, schools and puppets).


— Tue 24 Jul, 2018

‘Bad’ Language: Communicating in a Profane World

As we create work that communicates effectively, we must be able to use the language of the world we live in.

— Wed 11 Jul, 2018

‘Bad’ Language: CS Lewis and the F-Word

Can Christians be justified in using 'bad' language in their art? Huw Evans explores CS Lewis' example.

— Tue 03 Oct, 2017

Does Our Work Have A Future?

Tolkien's hope that our everyday creative projects are not wasted

— Fri 08 Sep, 2017

The Case of The Magical Statues

The real role of historical statues in our societies

— Fri 23 Jun, 2017

Re-reading Schaeffer

Finding artistic liberation in Francis Shaeffer's philosophy

— Fri 10 Mar, 2017

Reading and Writing (The Second Bit)

Putting into practice what we learn from other practitioners

— Tue 07 Mar, 2017

Reading & Writing (The First Bit)

The courtesy we owe to older practitioners of our art

— Fri 24 Feb, 2017

Explaining Your Own Book: A Fable by Huw Evans

Identifying the essence of a story you're immersed in writing

— Fri 13 Jan, 2017

Star man: Beauty or Language?

Our task as artists is to communicate the conflict of the world

— Thu 22 Dec, 2016

How do we ‘do a St Francis’ this Christmas?

Re-presenting a radical nativity

— Tue 23 Aug, 2016

Michelangelo, Character and Community

The tension between total dedication to art, and the working out of faith

— Mon 27 Jun, 2016

Not About The Football

People want a story, and once it's started, it mustn't stop

— Fri 25 Mar, 2016

Can Crosswords be Art?

Using crosswords to lay some ground rules about art