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Benjamin Harris

Benjamin Harris considers himself a student of art and theology, but somehow gets paid to teach them both.


— Wed 27 Nov, 2019

What’s So Interesting About the Reverse of a Painting?

Some galleries give us the chance to see works of art in their entirety: not just the familiar face, but the wood, staples and canvas beneath. There's something surprisingly alluring in it.

— Fri 01 Sep, 2017

Is It Ever Right To Destroy a Piece Of Art?

Our history of iconoclasm and vandalism

— Wed 12 Jul, 2017

Ben Harris Reviews Propaganda’s ‘Crooked’

The third album by the Los Angeles hip-hop poet

— Tue 03 Jan, 2017

Has Art Ever Been All About Beauty?

The popular Eurocentric view that rewrites what art is 'supposed' to be about

— Fri 16 Dec, 2016

St Francis and Subversive Nativities

The unexpectedly radical origins of nativity scenes

— Tue 25 Oct, 2016

A Tale of Two Crucifixes

Why besmirching the image of Christ is an honest reflection of the world

— Thu 06 Oct, 2016

Christ in Art: Particular and Universal

How is the painter, illustrator, or sculptor to represent the timeless and time bound all in one body?

— Tue 30 Aug, 2016

Political Posters and a different kind of kingdom

How can we mobilize, educate and organize people in step with the Kingdom?

— Fri 12 Aug, 2016

Kan Xuan: Pound… Pound… Pound

A rousing call to march against the numbing effects of a consumer society

— Fri 05 Aug, 2016

No really, Can Maps be Art?

Maps as art in New Art Gallery's 'Land, Sea and Air' exhibition

— Tue 26 Jul, 2016

Can Maps Be Art?

Arts and mapping have a surprising amount in common

— Tue 15 Mar, 2016

Cildo Meireles and Creating Cracks In The Current Order

Inserting ruptures into the systems circulating ideologies

— Thu 03 Mar, 2016

Anya Gallaccio and These Beautiful Changeable Things

Should our creations be insulated from time and mutation?

— Wed 03 Feb, 2016

Suffering and Healing in Arie A. Galles’ Fourteen Stations

A radical departure from customary depictions of Christ's passion stations