Artists: How to Get Involved with Sputnik

1. Join the Online Conversation

Nothing beats real life, face-to-face camaraderie, but joining the online conversation is a good place to start with Sputnik.

We’ve been writing for a while – so there’s plenty in our archives to sink your teeth into. More recently, we launched our digital magazine: you can read Issue #2, the ‘Unseen’ issue, here. We also profile artists and run interviews from time to time.

If you’re a writer of any kind yourself, by all means get in touch at We’ll be taking submissions for our next Magazine issue soon. Unfortunately we don’t offer commissions (yet), so we appreciate that will be a no-go for some, but if you would like a soapbox to shout on, it’s open!

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve also been running an online exhibition of work called in the rough. It’s an open exhibit, for anyone who’s creating work during the lockdown – any medium, any theme, in any state of completion.

We keep things updated on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too, so be sure to follow us.

2. Get Involved in a Hub

Our Sputnik Hubs are opportunities for like-minded comrades, co-conspirators and collaborators to meet: an essential thing for any artistic practitioner, and perhaps even more so for Christians, who can feel particularly isolated in their creative activity.

Hubs meet on a termly basis. Usually, guest artists present their projects, we discuss issues of faith and art and we all get a chance to showcase what we’re working on. Our hope is that genuine friendships form to help you in your practice more broadly.

In the current situation with COVID-19, we obviously aren’t meeting in person – but there’s plenty going on. You can see any upcoming livestream events on our Hubs page, but we’ll also be having small, informal meetings on Zoom with our local Hubs. If you aren’t a part of a Hub and would like to be included in this, email and we’ll try to help.

3. Get Hold of Work from Sputnik Artists

Finally, as well as getting to know one other, we think it’s important to provide an audience for each other too. To be part of Sputnik really means to be soaking in, getting challenged by and ultimately supporting the exceptional work being made in and around our network.

To this end, we print a periodical magazine called Anthology that collects together the work of artists that we’ve supported through our Patrons scheme (and other work besides). These are not for sale, but are available to anyone who subscribes to our Sputnik Patrons scheme at anything from £5 a month.

The funds all go towards supporting artistic projects, in some cases with direct funding, in other cases by paying for design, promotion, print/film/music production or more. Of course, you can apply for this support yourself, but we hope you’ll also spare a fiver a month to support fellow practitioners this way. And if you want a better idea about who’s out there in the network, start by taking a look through the talent in the Sputnik network.