Manchester based music producer, Mike Lawetto has been a Sputnik favourite for years, and it’s been our absolute pleasure to have supported the release of his debut album through our Sputnik Patrons Scheme. Earlier in the summer, we caught up with him about the album, but as usual, with Mike, there’s never just one thing going on…

You’ve been involved with Sputnik for ages now, but could you introduce yourself for those whose lives are yet to be enriched by your work?

My name is Mike Lawetto, originally from sunny California now living in rainy Manchester. I truly do love the UK, jokes aside. I am a producer/songwriting/mix engineer and when I’m not working for others I’m working on my solo projects Well Done You (Indie Alt Rock) and Perendiz (Alt Pop). I also have a side project with singer songwriter Dan Crook which is called Crook & Lawetto (Rock).

Currently there isn’t much music online for my projects but over the next 6-8 months I will be releasing 3 EPs and an album for Well Done You, at least one EP for Perendiz and one EP for Crook & Lawetto as well as a whole host of tracks I’m working on for some really cool artists.

Tell us about the album…

The album is called “Welcome To Camp Sunshine” and if you love all things rock it shouldn’t disappoint. The best way I can describe it is pop songs for rock kids. Ive spent some serious time making sure it wasn’t a boring album and I think I’ve just pulled it off, we’ll see. 

How are you releasing it?

We’re going to release 75% of the album as 3 Eps and then the whole album in October with a further single in November and a Christmas single in December. “An American Asthmatic”, “Please And Thank You” and “Not A Doctor Shh!!” are released. “Welcome To Camp Sunshine” the album will be released October 4th.

Got a great year of music coming out and I’m excited.

The album will be available to buy both physically and digitally on Bandcamp on Friday 4th October and on all other digital platforms later in the month. Keep an eye out on WDY’s facebook or instagram for updates and in the meantime check out Mike’s official video for the single “Nobodies Got A Clue”

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