We were incredibly fortunate to have the hyper-talented hyperrealist painter Alastair Gordon representing Sputnik as the ‘Resident Artist’ at this year’s Catalyst Festival.

Aside from his mind-blowing exhibition, talks and workshops, Alastair (or Ally, as he’s known) gave an interview on the main stage, alongside Sputnik’s Jonny Mellor – which served as a great primer for the relationship between faith and art, and why that connection is a wholly good thing.

Ally has, presumably, spent years answering these kinds of questions – and years genuinely working out the answers in his thinking and practice. He’s a great public speaker – you can read a great introduction to one of his lectures, here – and of course, the Scottish accent doesn’t hurt in smoothing over these topics.

Watch the 10 minute interview, above, for a succinct and satisfying reminder of why Christians are a valuable force in the arts.