There are different elements of our Christmas celebrations that we particularly look forward to each year: mince pies; mulled wine; family board games; the Queen’s speech. One addition to our list over the last few years has been the St. Paul’s Auckland Christmas film.

After the Spike Jonze-esque ‘Good News of Great Joy’, the Michel Gondry channelling ‘An Unexpected Christmas’, and the subtle profundity of last year’s ‘Star of Wonder’, their 2017 offering, ‘Gold Frankincense Myrrh’ is now upon us:

Featuring spoken word-poet Dietrich Soakai, stage prodigy Antonia Robinson, and TV villain Aaron Jackson (Pete’s Dragon, Shortland Street), James Bowman and the team have crafted a simple, sweeping encapsulation of all that Jesus came to do.

James, who wrote the piece says:

“Our film aims to connect modern audiences with ancient Christian spirituality. And to present a fresh take on a familiar story and celebration. It doesn’t draw any conclusions, instead leaving audiences to make their own minds up.”