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There’s so much new art coming out of the network at the moment, I’m finding it hard to remember what I’ve featured and what I haven’t. That means it’s definitely time for a quick update. So if you’ve not picked up on Mike Lawetto’s continued purple patch, Huw Evans’ vault and Benjamin Harris’ newfound ostiphilia, please read on…

Well Done You- I Don’t Know Why


Earlier this year, we interviewed Mike Lawetto upon the release of his excellent ‘Part Wolf’ EP. He told us then: ‘it’s going to be a busy year’ and he wasn’t lying. A couple of months later, he’s back with ‘I Don’t Know Why’, a frenetic mash up of a song, staggering between party pop punk and something far heavier. I think Mike is increasingly inventing a new genre: ADHD music. You will definitely be happier with this in your life

It’s released through Minor Artists, who also recently released ‘Strange Ghost’s’ superb ‘Stagger’ EP, but I’m sure you’ve had that on repeat play for months, so I won’t bother to link to that (wait, you missed that one too? Okay, then, I lied- here it is)

Crook & Lawetto- Sign Of The Times


Yes, it’s Mr Lawetto again, but this time he’s in the back ground, and Dan Crook of Uppah Records takes vocal and song writing responsibility. It’s such a joy to hear properly heavy music made by Christians. I don’t know where we got the idea that it was unhealthy and somehow ungodly to express frustration, sorrow and aggression through music. The Psalms don’t seem to have this issue. Jesus was not adverse to smashing stuff up either, while cracking a whip if I remember rightly. Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, and if you find yourself living in Britain today and not have a healthy outlet for this particular emotion, you’ve probably got issues. Listen to this song loudly a few times and it should reset the balance.

Huw Evans- The Vault

Huw- 9 kingdoms

I completely missed this treasure trove until Huw mentioned it to me on the phone earlier this week. Huw Evans, poet, playwright and author extraordinaire, has a new tab on his blog. It’s called ‘The Vault’ and it features old writings that he’s been selfishly sitting on for years. There’s a novella about resurrected clergymen, a series of YA (young adult) fantasy novels and a satire of Dan Brown and his ilk. Oh, and a very humorous short piece, reinterpreting Tolkien’s hopelessly biased and one sided history of Middle Earth.

Benjamin Harris- Let The Bones

Ben Harris bone

When I spent the weekend with Ben a few months ago, he spent a large portion of our time together calculating how much he would have to pay to buy an entire human skeleton. It appears he found a good deal, and he’s starting putting those bones to work. I’ve never been a particular fan of artists who feel like emblazoning Bible verses across their work, but second rate calligraphy on cheap cartridge paper is one thing, burning text into human femurs is another altogether. He’s featured the first piece in a rather enigmatic post on his blog and set the mind boggling as to what he’ll do with the other 205 bones.

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