Recently, this blog has featured lots of theory and not a lot of practice, so I thought I’d  balance things out by nudging you towards some new creations that have been arising from artists connected to our network. We’ve got music, we’ve got poetry, we’ve got illustrations, we’ve got lace making. Therefore, without further ado…

Michael Bradley- welldoneyou

Michael Bradley is one of those annoying people who seems to have such a fine tuned connection with music that he can cross genres effortlessly. This year welldoneyou (one of his rockier incarnations) and Perendiz (who exhibit the genre fluidity already referred to) are releasing new music and the first offering is an absolute corker. Already a favourite in the Mellor household, Part Wolf is a very tasty taste of things to come.

Jennifer Rawson- Lay Bare

Jennifer appeared on our first ever Sputnik writing Anthology (then writing as Jennifer Taylor) and her wonderful video ‘Threadbare’ was one of our favourite pieces of Christmas art in 2016. It is great to see her becoming somewhat prolific on her blog ‘For Words And Back’, which we’d encourage you to check out at more length, but to whet your appetite, here is ‘Lay Bare’ (and yes, in the Huw Evans tradition, it is about… you know!)

Lay Bare

The gods were right
that sex is worship,
the naked body
a metaphor.

Who am I? a woman thrusts
into existence. 

She orbits him; planets
dangle from his abdomen.
They slip in & out
of rhythm.

Her skin is a treasure map —
follow freckle to freckle
to lonely black hair
that grows no matter
how many times it’s plucked.

She lets him because she wants
worship too because she
is a needy goddess,
discards her bodice
on a dusty carpet.

When he leaves, she lies
in bed / to herself / exposed
& no wonder she wonders
whether there’s a god at all.

Paul Chipperfield-Overground Underground

Again, illustrator Paul Chipperfield has been involved in Sputnik since the get go. He had pieces in both our Kingdom and WhatIsItToBeHuman? exhibitions, and is an active part of Jubilee Church, Coventry’s thriving creative community. It was therefore great to see that he has recently launched a new blog, The Mighty Chip and even greater to see that he is filling it with new work. Overground Underground is his latest contribution (alongside the rather ominous subtitle ‘you can never quite know what lurks beneath’- I don’t think it’s Wombles!)


Ruth Chipperfield- Ruth Mary vlog

And not to be outdone, Ruth Chipperfield (another Sputnik collaborater since humankind first invented fire, etc, etc) is not only Paul’s better half, but also a very talented jewellery sculptor. Creating jewellery as fashion, but often also with moral and political messages, Ruth’s work is often interlinked with her skill in lace making. To find out how, checkout her latest vlog and to see (and buy) more of her work, check out her website.


Right, with all that boring art, out the way, let’s get back to the real business… How many artists do you think can fit on the head of a pin? 😉

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