Would You Like To Be A Sputnik Intern For A Year?

Would you like to spend a year developing your art practice, getting to know the Bible better and working alongside the Sputnik team in Birmingham?

I am excited to announce our first ever Sputnik internship! (Drums. Fanfare. General maniacal whooping.) We are offering up to three Sputnik internships, starting in September 2017, linked in with the Newfrontiers Impact training program.

What would the year look like?

Developing your own art practice

There will be good time given to work on your own projects under supervision from artists in your field

Studying the Bible

There will be 30 days of practical theological training throughout the year, as well as an accompanying programme of study (in association with Newfrontiers’ Impact programme)

Working with the Brum Sputnik Team

You’d be working closely with Jonny and Jemma Mellor, and the Brum Sputnik team to broaden your creative horizons and to help with the week by week running of the Sputnik arts network.

Getting stuck into a local church

Part of the year would involve serving at Churchcentral, Birmingham, and getting stuck into the wider church community.

Who’s it for?

This is potentially for any Christian creative who is keen to strive towards excellence in their practice and would like to create work for a universal audience (not just for Christians).

The internship will be based in a church from Catalyst (part of Newfrontiers) but you don’t have to be from a Catalyst church. You just need to love Jesus!

While we will take applications from creatives of any discipline, the internship would be best designed to serve writers, musicians, songwriters, rappers, photographers, graphic designers, fine artists or film makers. (If you’re not sure whether you fall into any of these pigeon holes but are still interested, contact us directly through facebook or twitter, and we can talk it through).

How do you apply?

The cost for the year will be £1350 (for the residential training). We will need to see examples of work and there will be an interview. Check out the application form for more details.

The deadline for application is July (although we’re pretty flexible). The main issue will be that once the 3 places are gone, that will be that, so please contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested.

So, are you interested? Click on the link below to download the application form.



Image credit: . See more of his work at giloscope.co.uk, follow him on twitter @giloscope 


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