As I was compiling my recent reflections on the Catalyst Festival, I stumbled across a video made for the 2014 Festival.

Think about the word ‘mission’. What does it look like to you? Someone calling sinners to repentance from a stage? Someone giving out tracts? A skilled apologist who can answer any objection thrown their way?

I think the title of this video is spot on, because increasingly to me this is what mission looks like. People who work hard in their fields, care for those around them and take opportunities as they arise.

Jane Rosier has been involved in Sputnik from the get go, and whether working as first soloist for Birmingham Royal Ballet or painting portrait commissions for the great and the good, she enhances Jesus’ reputation.

I love learning from Jane, so I thought I’d introduce her to those who haven’t met her yet. (To have a look at her work, click here)

Edit Dec 2018: For those who are unaware, sadly Jane passed away in March this year; her work and her example remain a great inspiration to all of us at Sputnik.